Apple and Blackberry Trifli with Homemade Granola

dessert denmark trifle recipe

It seems everyone is talking about hygge these days. It was one of the "new" words of the year in 2016. There are many interpretations of the word, but at this time of year, when your really getting sick of the weather, it means lets do something nice to make our lives seem less shit. That's why one crappy February day Mia and I made this nice and fancy little dessert for ourselves. Apple and Blackberry Trifli with Homemade Granola.

Trifli is a classic Danish dessert that is similar to English trifle except trifli doesn't usually have alcohol in it and instead of layers of sponge cake, trifli uses makroner, a crispy almond flavoured biscuit. Traditionally layers of a fruit compote such as prune, rhubarb, gooseberry, or apple are layered in a clear glass with sweetened whipped cream and crushed makroner. We added some of Mia's homemade granola to give the dish extra crunch and texture. The whole thing was delicious and a luxurious treat. A real hygge pick me up on a dreary Danish winter afternoon.

I'm not going to provide a recipe for this particular dessert because its pretty straight forward, you can use any combination of fruit compotes and fresh berries according to what you have around and what is in season. Find a few nice looking glasses and layer compote, then crushed biscuits and granola, then whipped cream, and repeat. Top with fresh berries and a sprinkling of granola.
If you can't find makroner you could substitute amaretti biscuits. If you can't find amaretti biscuits then you could use French macarons, but they get quite chewy quickly, so assemble everything right before serving. 

dessert denmark trifle recipe

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