Gubbröra - Fishy Swedish Egg and Potato Salad

Gubbröra is a delicious dish with a funny name that means "old man mix". It is very easy to make as long as you can source the two uniquely Swedish ingredients, Kalles Kaviar and Grebbstads Ansjovis. Both can be quite difficult to find outside Scandinavia, but apparently IKEA sells them in many of its stores. My version contains potatoes, which may not be part of the classic recipe, but many Swedes add them, and I like it. I also added a small amount of ramsløg (ramps), because they were in season and I think it adds zing. The recipe calls for 38% creme fraiche so use sour cream with the highest fat content you can find.

summer salad recipe picnic lunch

First source all the ingredients
cook and dice the potatoes and eggs
finely chop the herbs and ansjovis
mix together with everything else
season with salt and cracked pepper and your done

Serve on knäckebröd or rye bread and garnish with radish slices and extra sliced egg


summer salad recipe

picnic lunch

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