Rørvig Salat - A Taste of Danish Summer

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Guys at Hav
Rørvig is a small seaside town in Northern Sjælland, Denmark. It's famous as an area to go and relax at a sommerhus or campsite. It has a nice small harbour with sailboats and a fish shop that specializes in smoked fish and seafood. Not much commercial fishing actually goes on here anymore, but the Rørvig setting is the inspiration for a very summer like seafood salad that was just recently invented by the guys at Hav in Torvehallerne. We get our fish and jomfruhummer from them, and one day I spotted the salad in their display case. It's a simple mix of typical Danish ingredients, but I had never seen this particular combination before. It's delicious and the trout roe is what really makes it. Scoop this up with some crusty bread and you will get a taste of  Rørvig and the Danish Summertime.

Rørvig Salad Recipe

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Rørvig salad has 7 ingredients that you mix together and chill. I'll give amounts, but really you should mix to taste. If the white asparagus is young and fresh it can be sliced thinly and used as is. If the asparagus is older or large it needs to be peeled and blanched before slicing.

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