Summertime at a Danish Cottage

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No matter where you are in Denmark you're always close to the sea. With over 400 Islands a beach is never far away, and Whether you own, rent, or borrow a sommerhus, it's a relaxing time to enjoy friends and family and make lots of nice food. Hygge is a term that is getting a lot of press in the English world lately. It usually refers to candlelight and mulled wine. Sitting around watching movies in knit sweaters, and other stuff. But there is such a thing as summer hygge too. Walking down windswept coasts, eating jomfruhummer when it comes into season. big bonfires at the beach. Fresh strawberry and almond cake. It's all hygge.

The whole vibe of the Danish beachside summer is a bit different from stereotypical lounging by the beach with cocktails. There is lots of white sand and clear water for swimming, but 20°C is considered a nice day and there is almost always a brisk wind. Walking along the grassy coast and surrounding forest is a good way to pass the time. Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and rosehip, can be found to use in fresh compotes and desserts, and the fresh air will work up an appetite. Every village has an ice cream kiosk, and at the end of the day it's cool enough to watch the sunset over the sea in a cosy sweater.

Here is an example of a Danish sommerhus hygge menu that you can make on your holiday whether it be in Denmark, or somewhere else.

Ricotta Pancakes with Hyldeblomst and Vanilla Marinated Strawberries For Breakfast

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Ricotta pancakes are awesome. Use the freshest sweetest strawberries you can find.

Ricotta Pancakes with Hyldeblomst and Vanilla Marinated Strawberrie
Ricotta Pancakes with Hyldeblomst and Vanilla Marinated Strawberrie

Rørvig Salat with Crusty French Bread for Lunch

danish seafood salad

This seafood salad has the fresh taste of the Danish sea.
If the white asparagus is young and fresh it can be sliced thinly and used as is. If the asparagus is older or large it needs to be peeled and blanched before slicing.

Danish seafood salad

Go For an Afternoon Walk or a Bike Ride to a Nearby Town For an Isvaffel med Guf 

Kylling Danoise With Roast Potatoes For Dinner

Danish roast chicken

Chicken served with rhubarb compote and fresh pickled cucumbers is so Danish, it's called Danish Chicken.
Roast a whole chicken stuffed with butter, lemon slices, and thyme.
made a roast rhubarb compote, and quick agurkesalat


Knasekage med Skyrflødeskum og Friske Bær For Dessert

Knasekage med Skyrflødeskum og Friske Bær

My girlfriend's mother has served this crispy merengue cake with fresh berries a few times. I've never actually made it, but I know it's delicious.
Here is the recipe in Danish with a link to the translated version:

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