Rosehip Apple Jam

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I saw Brian was selling good looking fresh rosehips in Torvehallerne, so I decided to make some rosehip apple jam. Things have slowed down a bit at work, so I had an hour or so to spare, and I thought it would be nice as a garnish for our cheese plate at Un Mercato.

 torvehallerne copenhagen

rosehip apple jam jellyI'd never used rosehips before so I looked up some recipes and decided to use Geoffrey Smeddle's
recipe on Great British Chefs website. Most people make a rosehip jelly rather than a jam, but I wanted something chunky, so I had to individually clean each one. You have to take care to remove all the seeds and hair inside, which takes ages and is quite annoying. Rosehip hairs are used to make the itching powder you used to find for sale in the back of comic books.
 After cleaning about a pint I changed my mind. It would take hours to clean enough to make jam for the cheese plate, so I just made a small batch as a garnish for the top of the buttermilk panna cotta we were serving.
It turned out great, and I ended up eating most of it with a chunk of blue cheese, so we had to make another garnish for the panna cotta anyway.

I recommend trying this recipe if you have the time, but next year I think I'll just make a strained jelly instead.
I used the following recipe, but cut down the amounts and doubled the quantity of apple. I also used Cox apples instead of the green apples in the recipe

Geoffrey Smeddles Rosehip Jam Recipe From Great British Chefs


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