Moose, Heart, Foie Gras, and Fernet Branca Tartare

elg tartar scandinavian chef lunch

    It's gone full blown Autumn here in Copenhagen in the last week, so it's time to start making rustic manly things. Real Chef's love eating steak tartare, and doing shots of Fernet Branca while talking about eating steak tartare.
    Chefs also like to sit around eating foie gras while talking about what wild game dishes there going to feature on their menus this season,  so I made this tartare with moose, and heart, and foie gras, tossed with Fernet Branca.
    The recipe is easy. 50% moose loin, 30% beef heart, 20% foie gras terrine, all finely chopped with some shallots, salt, pepper, and a shot of Fernet Branca. I served mine with diced capers and asier pickles. Asier are difficult to find outside Denmark, but diced beets would work as well.
    Now go and make this for lunch and then chop some wood or something.
elg tartar scandinavian chef lunch

moose tartar elgelg tartar scandinavian chef lunch

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