Rundstück Warm - A Hamburg Specialty

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Rundstück warm is a local dish from Hamburg, Germany. Slices of roast pork are layered on top of a rundstück, a type of crusty bun similar to a kaiser roll, and gravy is poured on top making a
delicious mess. Some people say it is the original hamburger, but I think dishes like the hot turkey sandwiches, and beef manhatten that you get in traditional diners is the rundstück warm's direct decendant.
It's actually not very easy to find a rundstück warm in Hamburg. Oberhafenkantine has it on the menu, and Altes Mädchen does a slightly upscale version that mostly sticks to the original idea. So the best thing to do is to make it yourself.

Let's Make a Rundstück Warm

 leftover roast recipe

Take a few slices of juicy roast pork, preferably with crackling

Hamburg German cuisine kaiser bun

Slice a rundstück, kaiser roll, or Danish møllehjul bun in half

Make a delicious gravy thickened slightly with a roux

Put the whole thing together and don't forget the sour pickles, their essential

Hamburg German cuisine leftover roast recipe

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